Ten Past Ten


7 folded pigment print, acrylic glass, 52.5 × 60 cm; 69 × 48 cm; 63 × 48 cm

01 / 09
Installation in Russi Klenner gallery, Berlin. Photo: JJ Images

The images are appropriated from wrist watch advertisements depicting male and female hands. The original ads are mostly from magazines from the 1970s and 1980s. Most brands have set the time on their watches to 10:10, which is believed to have positive connotations of symmetry and victory. The watch hands placed on 10 and 2 frame the logo, which is usually placed on the upper half of the watch face. By removing logo and copy texts from the ads, the viewer is left with a pure photographic image. Hands, depicted up close, form a mise-en-scène where every detail becomes significant. Each pigment print has two intersecting folds, one according to the axis of the hand on the female watch, and another according to the axis of the hand on the male watch.