Marge Monko

© 2020

Forum I & II
SD video with sound in two parts, 15 min & 8 min 38 sec
In the 1st part of the video five Russian-speaking women re-enact a program on Estonian State Television /Foorum/ from October 10, 2008, where a new Employment Contracts Act (active since July 1st , 2009) was discussed by politicians, representatives of employers’ associations and trade unions. Thus, all the social groups affected by the new law were represented exclusively by middle-aged, Estonian-speaking men.
In the 2nd part, women abandon their scripted roles and share their own personal experiences about being unemployed.
Women participating in the video are amateur actors. Most of them had lost their job during the recent months because of the economic recession in 2008 and 2009. One of the aim of the video was to give a voice to the workers from the Russian speaking community in Estonia, referring to the model of Workers’ Theatre Movement known in Germany, Great Britain and Soviet Union in 1920-30s.